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The Vossenberg 

Since 1931, our hotel and restaurant “De Vossenberg” offers you the ideal stay in the middle of the Veluwe. Enjoy the beautiful Dutch nature and interesting surroundings, while staying at our cosy and homey hotel.


Long walks along the blooming moors, a cycling tour along the Veluwemeer or an important work meeting in Nunspeet? We will offer you the greatest comfort, matching your needs!

Our Mission

We aspire to give you a wonderful stay in the beautiful and unique surroundings of he Veluwe. A place where you may relax and gain inspiration. With an excellent restaurant, a beautiful (heated) terrace and comfortable hotel rooms. We want to offer you, our guest, an unforgettable experience.


With our helpful and friendly staff, our goal is to give you the best experience thinkable. While finding a balance between diligence, reliability, teamwork and versatility we aim to guarantee the best results for our guests in our work.

About Jeroen & Brenda

Hotel de Vosenberg was built in March 1931. In the years before World War two and during the war, the hotel had a plethora of different functions within the community. The hotel, named “De Driesprong” at that time, not only acted as a pension and the local pub, but the postal office was situated in the same building as well.


In December 2002 Brenda ten Wolde and her partner Jeroen Vos took over the hotel and renamed it “De Vossenberg”. The hotel and restaurant opened in 2004 for a new and fresh start.

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