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The background description provided herein is for the purpose of generally presenting the context of the disclosure. Work of the presently named inventors, to the extent the work is described in this background section, as well as aspects of the description that may not otherwise qualify as prior art at the time of filing, are neither expressly nor impliedly admitted as prior art against the present disclosure. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become increasingly popular in a wide variety of applications. Recently, advances in LEDs have provided improved light outputs and increased efficiencies. Thus, LEDs are increasingly used in lighting applications. LED lighting systems are also increasingly used in vehicles, such as automobiles, and may soon become ubiquitous. In one example, a light-emitting element (e.g., an LED) may be used in a lamp, such as a vehicle lamp. In some instances, the light-emitting element may be powered by a voltage provided from a power source. The voltage may be applied to the light-emitting element to generate light. The amount of light generated by the light-emitting element may be related to the amount of voltage provided to the light-emitting element. In some instances, the voltage provided from the power source may be maintained at a relatively high voltage. For example, the voltage may be maintained at approximately 400 Volts (V) or more. However, in such instances, the amount of energy used to drive the light-emitting element may be inefficient. For example, a relatively large amount of energy may be needed to provide the relatively high voltage to the light-emitting element. To increase the efficiency of a light-emitting element powered by a voltage from a power source, some systems may include an inductor. In some instances, the inductor may be connected to the light-emitting element. The inductor may provide a low-frequency voltage to the light-emitting element. Accordingly, the amount of energy used to drive the light-emitting element may be decreased.




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Far Cry 2 Npc Bouncing reeojana

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